The little perks that change a rented flat into a premium home. We’ve tried to think about what would make your life easier, more convenient, and provided you with just that.

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Each home to rent includes a private outdoor space, Grundig appliances, open layouts with floor-to-ceiling windows, feature splash-back tiling in the kitchen and built in storage. For the big things and the small. An extra pair of hands, a listening ear, and a friendly face. We do it differently. It’s a flexible way to live – be it months, years or a lifetime – liberating living without ownership, but it’s still your home. Just as you like it. 

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Please note, we do not accept applications from students.

We're sorry, we believe good things should last, so we require a minimum of 12 months for all tenancies.

We're sorry, we currently are not accepting student applications at Park Central West.