How to effectively live AND work from home (or WFH)

Although it’s not possible for everyone to work from home, 2020 has taught us that life does - and can! - go on remotely. And we do it amazingly well! Don’t believe us? Let’s get the facts.

In 2019, only 5% of the UK workforce worked mainly from home1. During March and April 2020, the average number of people working from home (unsurprisingly!) grew to an amazing 48%2! Yes, it was forced on most of us – but we’ve successfully managed that change!

Despite this, WFH can be challenging. If you’re frustrated by unreliable home wifi and a lack of collaboration is leaving you cold, it can be tricky. Maybe the lines between home and work are blurring. How do we unplug from work when we never leave "the office"?

Flexible working can be a fantastic way to achieve the perfect work/life balance. Here are some tips on how to achieve it. 

#1: Get in ‘the zone’

Don’t have a dedicated office space at home? Create one! Try to choose a space you don’t normally spend time in to create your home office - it’s much easier to switch off at the end of a productive working day if you can change scenery when you move to the sofa!!

Choose a space that’s bright with access to fresh air and make sure that your workstation is well set up. And remember - your colleagues might not stop by your desk at home, but your dog can! Cuddle breaks encouraged! 

There’s no need to stay within your own four walls - WFH is not always literal! What could be better than spending a few hours in stylish surroundings with superfast wifi and coffee on tap? Co-working spaces can be found in, or close to, all our communities, so drop in, spark your creativity and get to know some new people.

 #2: Keep moving

It’s all too easy to settle into one spot for the day but, you really should move around while working - and PLEASE take breaks in different parts of your home. You’ll go stir-crazy sitting in the same spot for eight hours if you never leave it. 

Take a few minutes to stretch your legs and look at something new. Gaze out of the window, look at your social media, make a sandwich, or take a walk while you make a call. 
Time away from your screen can be enough to give you a fresh perspective and keep your brain focused. 

If you can, get outside. Take lunch and a book and find  space to enjoy them – no phones allowed! Walk the dog, go for a run, or just take in some fresh air to recharge - it’ll do wonders!
And don’t forget the time you’d usually spend travelling to and from work. It’s up to you what you do with this bonus - spend it wisely or frivolously, it’s your shout. 


#3: Be realistic

If you’re not able to write a beautifully impressive 10-page report at your desk in one day, that’s still going to be the case at home. Life happens.  

But if you find yourself reading your screen at 8pm with a glass of wine in one hand and a forkful of spaghetti in the other, it’s time to switch off the laptop and go home!