Ever had a landlord who refused to give your deposit back because you put one picture on the wall? We’d never take that approach with our residents - we believe a rented home is still your home and you should be able to treat it as such! 

Here’s our guide to extraordinary landlord-ing!

1. Responsive 
You won’t hear any landlord horror stories here… we’re more like a dream come true! If something’s troubling you about your home, you can call us to sort it - we’re here for you 24/7. We aim to sort out any pesky issues within 24 hours. When we need just a little more time, you can relax knowing that we’re well on our way to sorting it - you’ll never be left wondering. 

2. Innovative
We’re proud to go a bit above and beyond the rest. With us, you get all the perks of owning a home with the security that it’s someone else’s responsibility if things go wrong. 

Everything in your new home should be perfect. Stylish as well as functional and no compromise on quality just because you’re renting. We’re talking private gyms, private dining, and personalised services. 
Sustainability and green living are at the heart of what we do - we genuinely care about the environment and our impact on the local community. Recycling facilities and reducing our economic impact are a must, and we’re 100% committed to green living in our housing design.  

3. Service 
Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone there for you 24/7? Someone who cares about your safety and wellbeing and is there for you no matter what. That’s us - we’re like your best friend with very practical benefits! We’ll help you plan a private dinner party, provide safe places for your deliveries, and even water your plants and feed the fish when you’re out of town. It’s all part of the service. And service is our signature. 

4. Community 
If it matters to you, it matters to us. Being thoughtful should never be an afterthought.  We know the communities you live in and we want to make sure you feel a part of it too. Ask us for advice on local restaurants, shops, social events, and services. We immerse ourselves in our communities and we know them well. We organise social events, we know the best places to go for dinner and drinks, and we know the best parks to take your pooch. 
5. Renting it like you own it
‘Renting it like you own it’ is just how it sounds: paint that wall, hang that picture, build a new fitted wardrobe - treat it like yours. This is your home and you don’t have to own it to call it that. Decorate it - it’s a canvas for your creativity! Bring your pets - your furry friends are part of the family! And love it - it’s home.


Make Home Happen

We will offer gorgeous rental communities where Service is our signature! 


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